Friday, January 07, 2005

When will people learn?

this is a rant about web design.

i have just been helping my mum look for information on the internet. it never seaces to amase me the number of web sites that are not standards compliant. and howmany websites do not work on standards compliant browsers such as Firefox. the fact that firefox is being used by an ever increasing number of users (internet explorer has slipped to below 90% of users now) is something companys should take note of. if internet explorer is used by less than 90% of users then that means that i site that only works on IE can't be viewed by 10% of the web using population. this should be a very worrying concept to companies.

the reason this is such an issue is that she was using a wall mounted screen (Don't ask) that is some distance from the desk (my brothers setup again DON'T ASK) and some websites work wonderfully and allow you to increase the text size (verry usefull in this instance) others are non standard piles of shit and in this instance provide a big problem for my mother.


on a slightly different note (again to do with my mother). She finds Mozilla Thunderbird far easier to use than microsofts demonic outlook express. If my mum finds Thunderbird and Firefox easier and faster (except for websites that don't support firefox (ignorant ****wits)) then hopefully i can make her next computer a linux box and save the cost of M$ windows.

by the way i don't hate microsoft entierly i just wish people would realise that M$ AREN'T the ONLY company out there. Oh and nyther is linux the ONLY alternativ.

rant over


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