Thursday, August 25, 2005

Metal Madnes

OK i know that blacksnotling has covered this already, however i'm going to mention the atrocities!!! of the last ozzfest show. I'm also going to say that Maiden are one of the FEW things that makes me proud to be brittish!

ok you can read the maiden story on the iron maiden website under their news section. I'll add as a comparison the ozzfest news page. I wasn't there, I don't know all the facts, I'll admit I'm a BIG Maiden fan. But lets face it in ANY walk of life throwing shit at someone when they are working (hell I feel soffy for rodies at festivals when they get bottled) is downright LOW! and while bruce is infamous for running his mouth and saying stupid things from time to time the reaction was pathetic and childish.

Here is a thought. Is Mrs. Dickenson advertising CHEEP supermarkets? and what the fuck is the wife of a rock legend doing hosting TV shows showing the WORST examples of music. coule she be having to do extra work to pay for her daughters drug problem?

whoops, bitchy? me?

I'll let you decide. and I have in all fairness shown and linked to a number of articles to give balance to the story. Ozzfest Hasn't yet released anything interesting on the story.


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