Saturday, December 31, 2005


First of all I'd like to thank nick for this one. He sent me the link and it's 1337!!!zors!!!1!!

It allows you to make your own radio station based on your favorite bands and you can customize it as you listen (adding more favorites and saying what you don't like). You can even make different radio stations for different moods. Now it's time for major pimpage:

  • rock guitar radio Based on Steve vai and the like
  • 80s Metal Does what it says on the tin Maiden, metallica and their hard rockin friends
  • Mega Mix I made this... Guess what more rock but a bigger selection.

If you want to sign up the hardest thing is having a zip code (due to licensing they need to get a zip code from you to prove your a US resident. This is an example of one ;-):



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