Saturday, January 08, 2005

WGET fo windows

Ok here is a nifty little utility.
For thoes familier with *nix systems there is a utility called wget (i know there are several flavours and GUI extensions but i'm keeping it simple). For thoes who aren't familier, wget is a program for running basic http calls to get files from a web server. Particularly handy for mirroring servers and for getting files that due to java/flash and other plugins are made inaccessable to get a copy of them on your local computer. Being command line it lends itself to scripting very nicely.

(command line) usage:
wget [address of file] [options]

windows vertion can be found here:
WGET for Windows

i found it while i was looking for a way to get a copy of this file which was embedded into this webpage Ipods Dirty Secret
Before anyone says it, I know there are lots of other ways of doing this but i figured it would be something worth doing a quick google for.


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