Thursday, August 25, 2005


Ok so i'm not a big Korn fan. But i like some of their music and i have to say last night at brixton was fucking emence!

I'll get it out the way, the support weren't bad but sounded like they stole half their rifs (predominatly from korn) and at one incident i sware they were going to charge into dragula! but they are still better than the support i saw last time i saw disturbed (i'm not saying who out of disrespect).

Korn were good, verry good. Althogh i have to say the two highlights of the night were their covers. at the end of one song they went full on into the madnes of One by metallica (like they did on the MTV show a long time ago) and my head went like the wing. hev, jo and the blacksnotling would have been proud to have stood by me! WOW that was fucking something live WOW! all it lacked was a BIG bang when Jonathan Screamed "LANDMINE" but that aside it was fucking good (all be it for about 60 seconds). I did get some funny looks at the end of that bit (half the people there probably didn't know what it was) when i screamed "Metal up your FUCKING arse!".

the other highlight was them doing the wall by the floyd, now I'll admit i poopooed their album version and said it was nothing on the original. however live, IT WORKED! although the highlight for me had to be the guitar wank (Is it me or don't you get them any more in modern bands?) it was good I think i was the only person who was compleatly into it on annother level but I was on a real high (I'm a BIG fan of the original, floyd are legends, and i wish i'd had a ticket for live8 just for floyd).

but yeah a good gig. \m/ \m/


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