Monday, February 20, 2006

M$ rant

Warning this blog post contains extreme mad ranting

What is it with Microsoft?

  1. What is with their new advertising scheme? "Microsoft has evolved have you?". I evolved I'm using open office 2 released earlier this year. Microsoft are still in the iron age of "Office 2003" and don't have an office release planned till 2007? WTF!!! Does anyone else see their advertising as being SHIT!
  2. Their new user interface for office? In the name of all things shit scented WTF again? Come on M$, Do you have something personal against Jakob Nielsen? If not why do you do the opposite of everything he recommends is good?
  3. M$ are all F****** c**** (this IS a valid point)

Anyone else think this post is going to lose me any chance of getting a job with M$?


OK so I just had a bad day, but come on, doesn't anyone else see what I see?


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