Sunday, January 28, 2007

Alternative updates for Windows XP

Thanks Sam for these interesting links and info.

NOTE1: As of posting this blog entry I haven't tested these links.

NOTE2: I do not condone the use of so called "sub legal" copies of operating systems. If you are the type of person who prefers not to pay for your operating system (and who doesn't) then check out this legal free operating system Ubuntu. For info on getting it and installing it there is a silly video available on google video entitled Adventures In Linux - Episode 1 - Ubuntu.

SP2: This particular download of SP2 for XP does NOT require you to authenticate your version of windows, not even the installer looks for if your windows version is legal, handy!

And (windazupdate): Its a site that gets all the windows updates, sorts out which ones you actually need (ie, all the critical ones and security issues), searches your computer to see if you need any of them, and if you do, will download and install them for you. It wont install the shitty ones you don't need, just the needed ones. It does NOT check to see if your windows version is legal, so a sub legal copy can use it, and it works in Firefox!! Not just that, but it ONLY works in Firefox, it refuses to work under IE, lol :)


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