Monday, March 05, 2007

Surviving the first day of Windows XP

Although somewhat out of date this advice is good for anyone with a computer with XP on it... And I'm sure it will apply to MS Fista too:

Quit downloading everything in your email. If you don't recognize the name, delete it.
Don't click "Yes" to every security certificate. You should accept Microsoft's, and that's it.
You don't require new cursors or smiley programs for your emails. The new "Hyper-Exelent Surf 3000 Toolbar by Lucky 88 Company" is not going to make your life easier. Likewise, if you want to know the weather, look outside or in your local paper.
PC Cleaning programs from pop-up ads don't work. Actually, anything advertised on the Internet should be considered fraudulent. (Yes, even "those" pills. They're just bull semen and corn starch.)
Get your programs from sourceforge, not from the first link on Google. Make sure that Spybot and Mike's adblocking are installed on your machine.
The people who write viruses have anti-virus programs to test their work on.
For the sake of whatever god you believe in, get a hardware firewall!
Run ShieldsUP! from to make sure that you're invisible.


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