Thursday, January 13, 2005

A New Toy

For some reason this wqasn't posted yesterday even tho i have set up automatic posting from my email :S. oh well

Don't you think its funny, when there is important stuff to be done you are drawn to the Demo/cover disk that came with a magazine a while ago advertising 200+ programmes. I am a regular subscriber to Micro Mart magazine. and it came with a "Best of 2004" application CD. now i often ignore most of these CDs and never buy a magazine with cover disks offering applications cos the magazine is never worth it for the cover disk that is shit and full of poor quality "lite" versions of applications. However with this cover disk (no longer available) there was a large number of freeware and shareware (as usual) applications. and it was interesting to see how many programmes were available. The one that i have played with most this morning is nothing more than a toy.


the concept explored long ago in microsoft bob of making your user interface with windows like walking around a room or house is nothing new (hell M$ did it in 95 and probably stole it from someone else). anyway there are a number of programmes to do this now. the one i played with is called 3DNA available from the below site:

It is a limited use application as obviously they want you to pay for the full features. Although if you are of poor moral standards and don't mind breaking the law you may end up using a site like the one below:


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