Thursday, July 28, 2005

Server 2003 on a 133

OK so i'm lying a little but i've managed to get a 133MHz computer to be a remote desktop client for a server 2003 machine. My original (and i'm working on it still) aim was to experiment using linux thin clients to remote desktop into XP machines so that a 133 ( i also have an amazingly powerful 200MHz machine) could effectively be used as a thin client to use word processing software and save some money on hardware as well as provide a few extra workstations (never a bad idea). sadly due to MS being M$ standard windows XP has constraints on the number of remote desktop connections you can have from a machine... 1! yes 1 and only 1. unless you have a hack which allows you to have the grand total of 2. Not particularly handy if you want to get 4 workstations from 1 good XP box. May i add that this concept was introduced in the old days of UNIX (in the form of 1 server and a number of dumb terminals). And in linux there are many ways of doing this. you can have as many clients connecting to the server as the server can serve and there are many ways of doing it, all free!!!! unless your mad enough to pay for it. I just wish (sometimes) that microsoft didn't give my workplace such a huge discount on their software (as an educational establishment we get Operating system, office professional and networking licenses in effect for a few pounds a computer) as this really does push down the TCO of having a windows network (i'm the only person who has a clue about *NIX systems) also when i go it will be easier to find someone proficient in windows system administration than someone in linux.


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