Monday, July 18, 2005 Home Home I'm impressed. Very impressed. Microsoft should realy think of something new. The new edition of open office (although in beta and as buggy as MS office at the moment) looks promising for a fraction of the cost. The full MS office costs £hundreds especiallyy for acorporateebusinessslicensee. openoffice busines (in fact all)licensess cost £0 (they appreciate a donation). The range is good and they have a program to rival access, "base" it is impressive and is the big new addition. OpenOffice being platform independent is good for Linux or Windows I'm keeping my eye on this. may be able to replace MS in the college after all :D. but I'm impressed if you haven't looked into it look into itTry it Why pay for software when there is stuff this good around. version 1 is stable and good. version 2 is still in beta but looks verpromisingng (if buggy at the moment).


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