Thursday, July 21, 2005


Ok just for thoes who don't know a Rockhopper is a breed of penguine. It is a small penguine that is very versatile. so guess what my 200MHz linux server is called? yep rockhopper (images comming soon).

so what does rockhopper do?

rockhopper runs the Apache web (HTTP) server for a number of things including a multiple choice test program perfect for schools and colleges available from that i'm planning on using a lot with work.
file transfer protocol the server being used is vsftpd
Secure SHell the server running is Open SSH

Rockhopper does not need a monitor, keyboard or mouse. it happily sits in the corner with just power and ethernet. despite being only 200Mhz and very little ram it happily runs debian sarge and hosts pages happily (at least at the moment i've not had more than 4 simultanious users on there yet). rockhopper also is capable of doing PHP and perl scripting :-). oh and guess what when i get my ADSL my website will be hosted using a similar configuration :-). which includes individual users having websites hehe with the ~amon stuff :-). woo hoo i'm loving it :-P.

When I get time i'll write a guide on setting this stuff up as it is something that is easy (with a guide) and will be benificial to schools and colleges


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