Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Apple - Mighty Mouse

Apple - Mighty Mouse: Apple have decided less is more. i laughed at their take on the mouse still only having one button (horray for consistancy at least, saving the user requiering more training when the two button veriaty came out). but Apple have gone one further than only haveing 1 button. they have gone to 0 buttons. and apparently this is progress? on a more sensible note (i'm trying hard here not to laught at apple) it is an interesting idea with some funky uses of not so new technology. still i can't wait to see one so that i can press the touch sensative thing and hear the speaker make a "click sound" and i'm intreagued to hear what their "wheal" sound sounds like. I'm sorry it's hard to keep a strait face when seeing something new from apple.


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