Thursday, September 08, 2005

Game of Halo

OK i've been thinking of doing this for ages. i know its silly and simple but what the hell... so am I.

hope it makes you giggle like it does me

I’m the man,I’m the king,I’m the one
That’s pure online
Everyday,everyway I smell of victory
Better scores how they go on blogs
So you tell me it ain’t right
I am...all guns
And you’re my reason for life

I will pwone pwone you
raise my gun and frag you
I will pwone you,pwone you
My game of halo

I’m the man,I’m the king,I’m the one
That’s spawned from dying
Everday,everyway I swear just one last frag
Killing me with the B F G
Something that’s so right
I am...all guns
My hands are scarred with time

Feel through my eyes

I’m the man with the blaster in his hand,got
The weapon in my hand gonna pwone you pwone you

Make a change,gotta rearrange
fast moves,fragging noobs
I am...all guns
And you’re the reason for life

Original song halo by soil


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