Monday, October 24, 2005

My achievemeants

To try and justify how tired and ill I've been feeling the past few days I'm going to try and list the things I do

first of all my jobs and some of the roles that they entail

  1. Head of ICT
    • Plan GCSE ICT course (including working through specification(s)
    • Plan GCSE AS/A2 ICT course (including working through specification(s)
    • Teach 2 full GCSE in 1 year ICT groups
    • Teach 1 GCSE over 2 years group
    • Teach 1 full A level in 1 year group
    • Teach 1 A level over 2 years group
    • Teachg the year 9 group (but thease aren't difficult)
    • Look after the day to day running of 2 servers and 100+ workstations (i won't list all the details of this)
    • All the other things to do with being the ONLY ICT person in a company
  2. Teacher on an online A level company
    • teaching students ofer the internet
    • planning the course and writing all the materials for the students

I'm not listing all the things like homework marking and other things that i have to do. But somehow i seem to have very little of my life at the moment. I find much of my job fulfilling, teaching can give you a real sence of acheavemeant when students leave yourclassroom knowing something new or having gotten an understanding of something they didn't understand before

I have a collection of computer parts I haven't put into my computer for two weeks, I havce a holiday video i was going to edit and put on DVD, i have a million things like that i want to do.

Am i a bad teacher/person cos i'm finding it hard to keep up?


Blogger Blacksnotling said...

I shall share a trick I learnt a while ago. make time for yourself every once in a while. The school won't fall apart if you stop for an hour but you will if you don't rest. when you do relax make sure you leave the school grounds and stay away from computers. I like my nice walks in the evening. it gives me 10 mins to myself.

I know from experience renember. Give me a call if you want to relax and chat:-D

9:36 pm  

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