Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Thursdays post :-S

Too Fucking busy

This is the state of affairs at the moment. Too fucking busy. I am writing this blog entry in a word processor on my laptop on the train as it’s the only time I have free. I have no idea how the blacksnotling copes with work, fiancĂ© and a baby. I’m swamped with work.

Time saving devices & systems

Being an ICT professional and (supposedly) knowing a lot of things about the field, I'm supposed to know how to use computers to aid me in getting things done faster, easier and to a better quality than without (this is what I teach the students). So why am I working flat out most days and often working late despite using the following (and some other) time saving uses of technology:

  • Buying online - I buy lots of things like music, gig tickets, computer parts etc... on the internet (how would I find any time to get to a shop anyway?)
  • Computer based interactive calendars - This is to help me know where I’m supposed to be and what I'm supposed to be doing at any moment in time and to effectively plan my life.
  • Email - for fast and reliable communication with people (after all information and answers are needed yesterday). (you’re looking at the guy who gave a girl he met in a night club his email address when she asked for my number as it's the best way of contacting me).
  • Internet - Despite the vast and effective communication system that the internet is, I'm always behind on correspondence with people and social events.
  • Mobile phone - I have it on me almost always, life without it seems impossible yet I’m far behind on communication.
  • Laptop - allowing me to do work on the train to save time.

So why with all these (and many more) time saving systems and devices do I always feel like I’m left behind struggling to keep up with the crowd. It's been weeks since I had an evening of proper "veg out" time and enjoyed TV and film or using my computer for hobby activities guilt free (except for the far too infrequent and short amounts of time I spend with the most wonderful girl in the world).

Education and educating in ICT

I'm supposed to be an IT professional, knowing my subject inside out and being able to answer all questions thrown at me. Here is news for anyone who is working on a degree or similar qualification (I quote myself):

"Finishing a degree is a sign that you have covered the basics in your subject, and completed the prep. Now it's time to start learning about your chosen subject as you know nothing"

That is how I feel, fortunately working in education I'm able to spout the bull**** that I learnt in school. I'm sure that ICT has become a less practical subject than it once was (or perhaps I’m a shit teacher).

(Depressing) conclusion

I'm obviously a bad teacher and the worst at personal organisation and it is all to the determent of my personal, social and professional life.


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