Monday, December 04, 2006

M$ Vista and other musings

The main inspiration for this post is prompted by one of many articles I have looked at on the subject of Windows Vista. The article in questionIs it worth it to say hasta la Vista to XP? Says the same thing as many others.

I'm not going to buy a copy. I'm probably going to get one eventually for work but I'm in no hurry. I'm going to keep with Ubuntu at home and on as many work machines as I can get away with.

I have a copy of XP for when I need it (mostly for work related stuff) which I hope will be sufficient. Oh and while I'm at it I'll mention Of Mice, Men and Microsoft An article that is relevant as much now as it was in May 2003.

Other things I have been up to lately (I can't believe its only a month since my last post) include (in no particular order)[once i check the HTML for Definition lists:

Blacksnotlings wedding
I was a Best man (well a reasonable one) at my good friend Andrews wedding.
Work work and more work
I have been going mad making handouts (which will go on my website) for teaching which has taken up some time.
I organized and sorted out my new IT suite for an open day at the college where I work.
Preparation for Christmas has been given some (but not enough) thought.
Updating my website
I've added photos and content (with some corrections) to my website
And more
I've just lost the inclination to type more now.

I'd like to plug Planet Rock which I have on at the moment.


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