Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Nyble of unix bits

Don't have time to write the full 8 bits worth of details or add a page to my website so I'll jot notes down here.


IP scanning and other such things under Linux can be done using nmap. This is my command line to look around my LAN for hosts, who they are and what (if anything) they offer:
nmap -A>nmap-output.txt
It stores the output in a handy text file.

Disk space

In most cases this command will tell you how much hard disk space you have:
df -h
I found my root directory was rather full looking. The command to use to see what is taking up the space is:
du -h --max-depth=1 /
changing the forward slash on the end for the directory you are interested in. or you can change the --max-depth option.

This allowed me to quickly see that I had just under a gigs worth of log files, many of which I didn't need (I know my samba had issues which it logged once every 20 seconds for a while) and so was able to delete them.

BTW a nyble is:


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