Thursday, August 04, 2005

Blue Screan of Death

Ive been meaning to do this for a long time. every time i hear "angel of death" by slayer i think of this. sory it makes me chuckel. This is my own creation i did look on google but didn't see anyone else who had done this.

Software, the meaning of pain
The way that I want you to pay
Slow PC, OS decay
systems that cleanse you of your money
Forced in
Like cattle
You run
Stripped of
Your life’s earnings
spending money, for the blue screen of death
Four hundred million more to crash
Blue Screan of death
Monarch to the kingdom of gates
Sadistic, surgeon of bloat
Sadist of the noblest system

Crashing, without mercy
To benefit the geek race

software, with no stability
Fell the lock in drive you insane
Inferior, no use to mankind
Strapped down screaming out to run
Blue Screan of death
Monarch to the kingdom of the gates
Infamous hacker,
Blue Screan of death

Pumped with sales, inside your brain
Pressure in your skull begins pushing through your eyes
Crashing software, fails again
Test of heat burns your chip, your mind starts to cry
useles software, hangs your system
How long can you last
before your system dies?
Sewn together, joining threads
Just a matter of time
’til you rip microsoft off
Millions perade out in their
penguine costumes
Seaking ways to beat
The vender lock in
Seas of piracy, bury money
sell your software as it crashes
Deep inside of XP
Abacinate, eyes that cry
Praying for the end of
Your microsoft nightmare
Wings of pain, reach out for you
His face of money staring down,
Your blood running cold
Injecting spyware, dying code
Feeding on the patents of
The programs others created
Pathetic harmless victims
Left to crash
Rancid blue screen of death
crashing thee

to the tune of Angel of death


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