Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mr. FixIt

Another weekend where I have been fixing computers for people. busman's holiday :) I have managed to rid a vomputer of a lot of viruses. someoen uninstalled their anti virus software as suggested by their ISP!!!! Aparently due to the internet connection being poor! Dick head at the ISP! This was a case of install Anti virus software and run it. install spy bot and run it... but the one thing that didn't go (it even ran in safe mode!) was an irritating bit of spyware ware called "System Alert popup" (that's what it was in Add/remove programs under. The solution included booting safe mode and running two things:
  1. ATF Cleaner - To remove all temp files... always handy.
  2. SmitFraudFix - An anti spyware application which removes a collection of specific and anoying spyware applications. Not as many as spybot/AdAware but gets some nasty ones they cant.
If you want to know what to do:
  1. Download software.
  2. Extract/Install software normally (if possible). You may need zip genius for zip files.
  3. Reboot into safe mode.
  4. Run ATF Cleaner. - Clean all temp files
  5. Run SmitFraudFix - Just chose option 2. and say yes (y) to registry.
  6. Restart normally
And your done. Took ages to find that one out :( The last thing I had was a computer where the clock had gone wrong (BIOS battery died and the computer had been unplugged for a while. The simple solution was to go to the GMT site. They have a fantastic application for setting your windows clock using NTP.


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