Monday, October 22, 2007

What makes JSP shit

JSP I'm aware has many good points... Just as a developer new to the language it has one overriding factor that makes it shit. The FM is FS!
  • There is no neat central documentation & reference (like the php quick reference).
  • One example of a common problem in web dev is uploading a file and storing it somewhere. If I were using PHP a quick google for "php upload file mysql" returned me this match "uploading files to mysql database". If i were using PHP this explains all I need to know and I'd be sorted in minuets. and now for JSP "jsp upload file mysql" and the results? Nothing as useful. Several web searches later and cobbling code together (painfully) and I'm still not quite there but will be in an hour.
  • Not to mention the time taken to build and upload .war files.


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