Friday, July 08, 2005

An act of doing everything other than what i'm supposed to do

As this blog is apropriatly titled procrastination I figured I'd say something on the subject. my to-do list
  • Sort stuff in bags in garage
  • Start to write "on-line A level course"
  • start to acquire links for my teaching work
  • organise things for my accommodation last year
  • finalise everything for last years accommodation
  • look into computer hardware for when I start mky new job
and out of this list I have acheaved nothing. my actions today have covered:
  • Write in my blog
  • add more to a guide i'm writing about installing debian on my nx5000 laptop
  • install a library on my computer as part of my developmeant of a cgi system called "Damia" that i'm working on (keep your eyes peeled).
  • Tidy my room
  • Listen to pink floyds "the wall"
  • organise my wifi driver better under linux
  • order a new album by Daft Punk
And thats about it. notice the crossover? yeah me to so without further ado i'll get on with my list of jobs. Oh and by the way for writing articles for a blog the best programme i've found sofar is the netscape composer as it writes all the basic HTML for you without trying to be too clever (although I think you may have to turn off some of the annoying "helpfull" stuff). and for me with my smelling pistakes it has a spell chaecker ;-).


Blogger Blacksnotling said...

All that free time! I renember when I had that much time. Embrace it mate before you ever get a child. My next bit of free time is scheduled for 2026!

on topic: yeah, I am avoiding my todo list aswell. It mainly involves looking for jobs!

9:13 pm  
Anonymous amon said...

I plan to never sporn selfish fucked up brats to replace myself. i've chosen something else...... and the reasons.... who needs reasons when youve got linux ROFL

10:32 pm  
Blogger Blacksnotling said...

I hope you are not implying that Brandon is a spoilt Brat...;-)

6:16 pm  
Blogger amon said...

my attempt was to warp a quote from trainspotting

4:10 pm  

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