Sunday, July 10, 2005

Landed on my feet

After years of hard work, completing a degree and other things it's finally paying off......... Sorry, would you like fries with that?

Ok so as I was saying, I've completed my GCSEs, gone on to do A levels, then a degree and now I have a job. Head of IT at Rochester Independent College and network manager. I'm in charge of sorting out GCSE and A level students and looking after 2 servers and 130 workstations.
I'm amassed about what a ride it has been and how busy I've been kept but I'm finished being educated... well formally anyway. I'm still working my way through the greatest education institute, The university of life. An old teacher commented to me that it's proof that despite people taking advantage of it if you continue to be nice to people, offer help and try hard it pays off in the end. and I think to myself with the work I have (that I enjoy) and the friends I've made I certainly did the correct thing.


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