Wednesday, April 13, 2005


OK i am a Linux user (my choice) but one thing that pisses me off is when people don't seem to consider that someone may use Linux. this is most evident in web pages that design themselves for IE. i don't have a problem with designing your website to work best on a particular browser (we all are minimally bias) but i am a fan of the any browser campaign and follow it. most important to me is that whatever browser i am using i can get information i need (even if the page may look a little better on another browser) however anybody designing websites should have some knowledge that not everyone uses windows never mind Internet explorer and i would expect more from a multinational company like Sony. than this

see Screen shot of stupidity

note i am using Linux and it tells me that to use the site i have to download and install Internet explorer. first off you can't get an Internet explorer download binary or Evan a tard gzip file (come on that is the least they can do ;-) )

it is a programme (and website) to be used with Sony hardware.