Saturday, December 31, 2005

Tube strike to hit New Year party

BBC NEWS | UK | Tube strike to hit New Year partyThanks for the news BBC

anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?


First of all I'd like to thank nick for this one. He sent me the link and it's 1337!!!zors!!!1!!

It allows you to make your own radio station based on your favorite bands and you can customize it as you listen (adding more favorites and saying what you don't like). You can even make different radio stations for different moods. Now it's time for major pimpage:

  • rock guitar radio Based on Steve vai and the like
  • 80s Metal Does what it says on the tin Maiden, metallica and their hard rockin friends
  • Mega Mix I made this... Guess what more rock but a bigger selection.

If you want to sign up the hardest thing is having a zip code (due to licensing they need to get a zip code from you to prove your a US resident. This is an example of one ;-):


Friday, December 30, 2005

The future is old fashioned

Perhaps it has something to do with the mammoth amount of work i have to do, but I just had an idea, followed by others.

Look at sites like This is the future. Forget roaming profiles which carry lots of junk on them and lumber computer systems, forget local home directories that hold the information you need... on another computer.

The future is distributed information, I'm looking forward to a browser implementation of for my favourites. I'm sick and tired of having them unsorted and unyielding on different systems at home and at work (ok true there are a few *ahem* personal "favourites" I don't want on my work system) but on the hole this is fantastic. you can share them and have access to your friends top sites

But the future doesn't stop there. What did i say about "old fashioned"? Well In IT I have spent many years rebuilding and updating computers and the amount of time I spend improving my rate of productivity is incredible (more than the amount of time i spend actually being productive unfortunatly). So when you read about dumb terminals and thin clients coming back that means that all clients are going to be more up to date and on a home network (lets face it many of us geeks are headed this way, or a small business network (for the other geeks) maintaining 5 machines is a pain.

  • Updating operating systems
  • Updating applications
  • Updating anti-virus
  • General maintenance when you change something on your network
  • Backing up
  • etc...

so if you only have 1 main system to maintain and through a little extra work on that one the others more or less maintain themselves you save hours of tech time, yes OK it isn't the fastest or most efficient use of your hardware, like 4GL there are deficiency costs. But the time saving is exponential when you have a network of 5, 10 or 20 workstations (when you get to more than that Its a little out of the "home" area but with the growth in consumer electronics that network with computers including consoles, hand held game machines, laptops even mobile phones. I can see many houses in 5 years time having home networks with 5 - 10 clients where the current almost add-hoc way of doing things will work out costly. the computers that need the performance like games machines or office work horses (note most office computers aren't work horses filling their resources) like CAD and audio/video editing systems will require individual attention and optimisation but for most people simple set-ups will be better. Tie in things like on-line bookmarks, what Java could (have) bee(n), Ajax and a good open source web browser and you have a computer for what will be 80% of tasks (email, Internet, word processing etc...)

do you see my future?

I'm pissed off with rebuilding machines, loosing little things like bookmarks and other irritations. Oh well back to work The new google?

ok so the link above goes to my links. But here is something, next time you are looking for something instead of (in my case anyway) typing your search into the top right corner of firefox and pressing enter, try searching It is handy for finding stuff of any nature.

I can see this being the future of bookmarks. hmm perhaps I should procrastinate and copy my 50 odd bookmarks spread across 3 machines to my account.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

BFG Creed Shirt

Sunday, December 18, 2005

BBspot - Which OS Are You?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I Don't know where to turn!!!

OK I can either go to Bon Jovi at wembly stadium on the 9th June 2006

Or I ca go to download the same weekend. What idiot planned these dates to conflict SO badly? This can only be detrimental to both acts. Unless I get Bon Jovi tickets for another day at a venue miles away.

Someone help me