Monday, August 27, 2007

Windows Vista hurt my eyes!

OMFG! realy, O.M.F.G.! I'm aware that I'm not in any way shape or form a guru on things looking nice and what is and isn't fashonable (My girlfriends reaction to the collection of T shirts I had with me in preperation for going to a party on friday is testiment to this). However Windows Vista is ugly, I prefered it when it was longhorn. I'm in the middle of setting up a new computer for work and so far all I have is putred despise for Microshafts new offereing. So without any further rambling here is my list of complaints:
  1. The default vist look is ugly, I'm sorry but its crowded, cluttered, busy and distracting. While I'm not saying that the whole world should use fluxbox (desktop screen shots). I'm sure Jacob Nielson would agree that bells and whistles only hinder after a while.
  2. Aero interface... So let me guess this answers the Mac interface. Or perhaps they took inspiration from Linuxes XGL (released before vista) (XGL demo video). Whatever the reason bells and whistles. Why is it on by standard on a business desktop?
  3. "Ease of Access" yeah I'm all for accesibility. But to ram options down the throat of users who (and lets face it thats probably over 95%) don't need it is just irritating. Not to mention the fact that I have enough difficulty with school children starting up the narator and related speach applications in the middle of lessons to annoy and confuse teachers who don't get it... and to insult class mates so the person being insulted can't work out who it is from their voice... Seriously don't put a toy like that on the front for all to play with. Yes it has it's uses but Is "Vista Busines" supposed to be a work based OS or a toy?
  4. The icons... Again toy or tool?
  5. New behaviour of applications and things... I'm dreading half the staff here using vista... those ones who need step by step instructions to open a new document (I have many of them here), those people who if a menu option is put somewhere else get confused, upset and anxious... Seriously stop moving things around for the sake of looking cool.
  6. The side bar... Took all of 3 seconds to get pissed off with it intruding on valuable desktop space...
  7. Are you sure boxes... Seriously haven't we already asertained that while these things are useful in moderation if you pump enough infront of any user they will stop reading them and just press "yes" or "ok" ignoring what the box says in the hope that it will enable them to acheive the desired task. This compleatly negates the purpose of the boxes and only hinders users both advanced (who are aware that what they are doing could foul things up) and novice (who will just click yes/ok till they inadvertantly foul up their computer).
  8. Intel securety system pop ups. I'm all for hardware securety stuff. But when I'm given what looks like a web based (using heavy java script)... ctd later...
  9. Web based (using heavy java script) administration. Why does all the admin and configuation stuff look like a web site with too much java script and painful use of animation? Seriopuskly I like grey boxes for admin. Administering a system isn't supposed to be fun. You need your full attention on the potentialy hazardous decisions you are making. You want that grey box to appear quickly to make the change for your ever impatient user... YOU DONT WANT PRETTY PIUCTURES TO SLOW YOU DOWN, CONFUSE AND DISORIENTATE YOU!
  10. ... But seriously I apreciate informing uthe user but why does a box (which appears to the admin) ask you to speak to your system administrator and provide a link to advertising stuff from intel without any quick reference for the admin. And it apears to the home user who doesn't have an Admin
  11. Too much choice to start with. There are so many options available when you go to the log in priompt and when you first log in. There are two issues with this:
      Confuse the hell out of a novice user. Seriously too many options for the user who wants to check their email and then go look at porn.
    1. The option that I want (join workstation to a busines domain) something one would assume is the first thing you want to do in most cases with windows vista BUSINES. was hidden away, hidden well!
  12. M$ office 2007 demo is installed... Not that this is a bad thing but there are about 6 different uninstall options which is anoying if you want to use 2003 for the sake of staff training.
I'll rant more later. Must get work done.