Friday, January 28, 2005


yay the cold is upon me once again. hopefully i'm not going to be as ill as my mate Nick but only time will tell.

so i am off to Asda to get:

  • Orange Juice
  • anything nice i see

Then to boots for

and i also want to get some carpet slippers to keep my tootsies warm :)

Friday, January 14, 2005

Apology accepted

ok this site has an interesting idea:

An interesting reminder that the election was very close

Before i get flamed i'd like to say this is not necessarily my view or opinion just a link i found interesting

Thursday, January 13, 2005

A New Toy

For some reason this wqasn't posted yesterday even tho i have set up automatic posting from my email :S. oh well

Don't you think its funny, when there is important stuff to be done you are drawn to the Demo/cover disk that came with a magazine a while ago advertising 200+ programmes. I am a regular subscriber to Micro Mart magazine. and it came with a "Best of 2004" application CD. now i often ignore most of these CDs and never buy a magazine with cover disks offering applications cos the magazine is never worth it for the cover disk that is shit and full of poor quality "lite" versions of applications. However with this cover disk (no longer available) there was a large number of freeware and shareware (as usual) applications. and it was interesting to see how many programmes were available. The one that i have played with most this morning is nothing more than a toy.


the concept explored long ago in microsoft bob of making your user interface with windows like walking around a room or house is nothing new (hell M$ did it in 95 and probably stole it from someone else). anyway there are a number of programmes to do this now. the one i played with is called 3DNA available from the below site:

It is a limited use application as obviously they want you to pay for the full features. Although if you are of poor moral standards and don't mind breaking the law you may end up using a site like the one below:

Saturday, January 08, 2005

WGET fo windows

Ok here is a nifty little utility.
For thoes familier with *nix systems there is a utility called wget (i know there are several flavours and GUI extensions but i'm keeping it simple). For thoes who aren't familier, wget is a program for running basic http calls to get files from a web server. Particularly handy for mirroring servers and for getting files that due to java/flash and other plugins are made inaccessable to get a copy of them on your local computer. Being command line it lends itself to scripting very nicely.

(command line) usage:
wget [address of file] [options]

windows vertion can be found here:
WGET for Windows

i found it while i was looking for a way to get a copy of this file which was embedded into this webpage Ipods Dirty Secret
Before anyone says it, I know there are lots of other ways of doing this but i figured it would be something worth doing a quick google for.

Friday, January 07, 2005

When will people learn?

this is a rant about web design.

i have just been helping my mum look for information on the internet. it never seaces to amase me the number of web sites that are not standards compliant. and howmany websites do not work on standards compliant browsers such as Firefox. the fact that firefox is being used by an ever increasing number of users (internet explorer has slipped to below 90% of users now) is something companys should take note of. if internet explorer is used by less than 90% of users then that means that i site that only works on IE can't be viewed by 10% of the web using population. this should be a very worrying concept to companies.

the reason this is such an issue is that she was using a wall mounted screen (Don't ask) that is some distance from the desk (my brothers setup again DON'T ASK) and some websites work wonderfully and allow you to increase the text size (verry usefull in this instance) others are non standard piles of shit and in this instance provide a big problem for my mother.


on a slightly different note (again to do with my mother). She finds Mozilla Thunderbird far easier to use than microsofts demonic outlook express. If my mum finds Thunderbird and Firefox easier and faster (except for websites that don't support firefox (ignorant ****wits)) then hopefully i can make her next computer a linux box and save the cost of M$ windows.

by the way i don't hate microsoft entierly i just wish people would realise that M$ AREN'T the ONLY company out there. Oh and nyther is linux the ONLY alternativ.

rant over

Thursday, January 06, 2005

I-pod in 1984

Ok I was watching the apple infamous 1984 commercial with my brother after reading an article about it in a magazine (it isn't the first time I’ve seen the add) anyway I noticed something new this time that I hadn't noticed before. the girl has an I-pod IN 1984!!!!!!!!!!!!

for those unfamiliar with the add it can be seen here :

Here are some descriptions of the advert:

is it me or does she look like she has an I-pod? The below still image shows it more clearly:
girl with I-pod

New Years resolutions

Ok here they are
  1. Create a blog (done).
  2. Write in it regularly (will try).
  3. Eat better, a must as I can feel my body decay.
  4. Work harder at my degree.
  5. Think about getting a real job.

Is there anybody out there?

Ok so here it is my blog. Well let’s see how long I can keep this going for; hopefully I can keep it going for as long as Andrews, but I very much doubt that.

Why is this called procrastination? You may ask. The answer is that chances are when I’m doing this there is other more important stuff I should be doing.

Hopefully I can put more on here over time but I want to get it set up more first.