Wednesday, July 26, 2006

85010014 error solved

I have a funky phone the O2 XDA exec. Sadly this phone has problems connecting to machines and synchronising. The helpfull error number 85010014 is given with nothing else to go on. The latest version of active sync fixes the problem. If you have this problem check out Microsoft ActiveSync 4.2 and good luck

First post in a while

I've been working hard lately including making my own site On this site I have put some photographs and also I'm compiling my university notes to add to it.

I'll post in a bit about my PDA

I've reorganised my PC and a load of thother things lately:

  • reinstalling windows
  • reinstalling Debian Linux
  • reinstalling Suse Linux
  • reinstalling Ubuntu Linux
  • Organising my holliday
  • Finishing editing last years holiday video
  • Finishing my first year as a teacher

My plans for the near future include:

  • Installing Free BSD 6.1
  • Getting my webcam to work under Linux
  • reinstalling Suse Linux
  • reinstalling Ubuntu Linux
  • reinstalling windows