Saturday, June 10, 2006

Free mp3s (and legal)

Yes it is true this is possible, I am able to download mp3s from the internet for free and put them on my mp3 player

How you may ask. I normaly use the far superior (and free from lisance restrictions) ogg audio compression but with an mp3 player that doesn't do oggs I was looking at ripping cds to mp3 (under Ubuntu [which I'm trying out as a change from debian] linux). And after some head scratching found a nice easy (if less than perfect) method of ripping CDs to mp3 under ubuntu linux. And from there I also found the main topic:

Ubuntu Dapper - Ripping audio streams to mp3 Although this is aimed at Ubuntu it can be used under any GNU Linux OS with the streamtuner and streamripper appliucations.

As the article says recording from these radio streams is no less illegal than recording from a radio station onto cassette (which is legal) and the streamripper application even has the cleverness to seperate and properly tag the different songs. Win win. I get to dump them onto my player for free and discover new music. When I hear something I like I can go out and buy the music (or add it to my amazon wish list). The only legal grey area is the creation of mp3 files alas the corperations force me to do this by not using open standards.